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5 Ways to Get Your Home Winter Ready

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Winter is Coming! 

As the nights close in, the leaves fall to the ground and the temperatures start to head south, there are important jobs we need to take care of to ensure our homes are warm, and safe and we can slide in to the cold months knowing our house is ready to be a cosy haven to see us through the depths of our Northern Ireland winter. 

 Here are our top 5 tips for getting your home winter ready!

  1. Clean out your drains & gutters

    According to How to Clean Out Gutters & Drains for Dummies October is the best time to get started on this task. Its not the most glamorous job but super important to protect your drains and gutters from getting blocked over the winter. Get your gloves on and ladder up and get all the debris removed. Such a satisfaction in knowing that all the rain we get has somewhere to freely flow.

  2.  Protect your pipes

    If you were around for the superwinters of 2010 and 2011, you’ll remember the frozen pipes at Christmas fiasco! To make sure you don’t have to collect bottles of water from friends and family just to flush your toilet and that you don’t have an unplanned repair bill for burst pipes after Christmas the best way to protect you pipes is by protecting them with a foam layer called lagging. NI Water has a handy guide on everything to do with protecting your pipes, you can find it here: Insulate your pipes properly this winter

  3.  Insulation

    Staying warm can be expensive enough in winter without losing all your precious heat through drafty doors and windows. Small fixes can save a ton of money over the winter allowing you to keep your money for next summer’s margaritas on the beach instead! Ideal Home have just published a great list of hints on how to block your drafts by insulating against the cold in your home. 

  4.  Get your Chimney swept

    One of those jobs that gets put off sometimes but is super important for your health and the safety of your home. Chimneys need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses.
    Some of the dangers of not getting your chimney swept include:
    Can case breathing problems, brain damage, heart problems,
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    Chimney Fire
    Smoke Damage

    Don’t wait, get your chimney sorted today! 

  5. Get your boiler serviced

    Like the chimney its absolutely imperative that your boiler gets serviced regularly. A broken boiler can waste money on energy bills and even leak poisonous carbon monoxide into your home. Some of the checks an engineer will do as a part of a boiler service include:
  • A visual check of the boiler and flame,
  • checks on the flue
  • check the operating pressure and/or heat input
  • checking safety devices
  • check case seals for an effective seal
  • Check all boiler components
  • boiler fired safely to identify and working faults
  • boiler parts cleaned if necessary
  • a service report showing everything the engineer has done

You can pay a Boiler Servicing company a once off fee to service your boiler or you can get boiler cover on a plan check out the guide on boiler servicing here. Getting the Best Boiler Service